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vividfans's Journal

For fans of ViViD
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Vo. シン (Sin) Gu. 零乃 (Reno) Gu. 怜我 (Ryouga) Ba. IV Dr. Ko-ki

ViViD is a band that was formed in March 2009, after IV (ex.キス&ネイト (Kisnate)) and Ko-ki's (ex.NoveLis) unit ZiL came to its end. Ryouga, who used to go by the name of Sachi, is also from ZiL, while Reno is from NoveLis and Sin from Rhyolite and 秋葉原少年団☆電脳ロメオ (Akihabara Shounendan☆Dennou Romeo).

You can read more information about the members (including their profiles and band histories) in this post.

Even though ViViD is still a very new band, on April 7th they announced that they have been signed on the Indie-PSC label.

This community is dedictated for sharing news, information, media and anything else relating to ViViD and its members.

You can post almost anything you want, as long as it's related to ViViD.
No flaming/insulting, fanfiction, roleplaying, or anything of the like.
No advertising, unless it's got something to do with ViViD.
Media posts are very welcome, but should be kept friends locked.
Support the band. As soon as they release anything, anyway...
Please, please, please keep any nasty opinions about any members or the bands to yourself. The same goes for unpleasent rumours. Rumours can be discussed, as long as they are marked AS Rumours. Spreading gossip is unacceptable.

This community was created by karmik and is co-moderated by chezumi. If you have any questions regarding the community, don't hesitate to ask one of the moderators!